Master Chair Detail for the AD_Challenge Design Award'21-23


Aviam Scamnum chair detail.Capturing Nature's Essence in 3D: Exploring the Artistic Realm of Architectural Visualization.

digital art

Embark on a journey into the captivating world of digital artistry, where technology and creativity intertwine, unlocking boundless possibilities through NFTs and the Metaverse.

Developed essentially through personal projects.

MINIWORLD - Exploring the essence of spaces.

NFT Art.


Step into a world of ArchViz, where imagination meets reality, and spaces come alive in stunning visual narratives.

Collaboration with local Architecture Studio | 3D Visualization by Alxandre Picanço


Discover innovative solutions through creative sustainable design thinking.

Requalification of Calheta Viewpoit.

Project of White Stones Viewpoint.

Coffee Woods Project.

animation film

Inspiring Conscious Architecture: Addressing the Lack of Humanism in Contemporary Cities and Architectural Design, emphasizing the importance of sensory and behavioral considerations, prioritizing mental health and well-being, and promoting transformative architectural practices.

Nominated for Best Super Short Film Award at SWIFF 2023 (Student World Impact Film Festival), as one of the best out of 13,868 film submissions from 120 countries.

The judges' comments on E_MPTY SPACES, HEAVY HEARTS:

  • "A film that celebrates the director's extraordinary creative vision, revealing new dimensions of storytelling and visual artistry."
  • "The film's visuals have a timeless quality, with a visual aesthetic that will resonate with audiences for years to come."
  • "The film is a visually stunning spectacle, with breathtaking visuals that transport viewers to new and fantastical realms."

Short Movie Trailer.



Azorean street furniture design developed for 3D printing, with a focus on functional, aesthetic, inclusive and accessible design, and considering sustainability.

This collection consists of nine different gradients in reused glass coatings, advocating for a reduced ecological footprint and fostering social habits of conservation by raising awareness of the scarcity of natural resources, while also contributing to the preservation of mental, physical, and collective well-being through the alternative specialty of chromotherapy.

3D Side View of the Aviam Scamnum.

Prototypes by Fibrenamics Association, Institute of Innovation in Fibrous and Composite Materials.

Words of Praise

Quotation marks

네이탈리 로슨

The design furniture surpassed all expectations, turning my vision into an extraordinary masterpiece.

Thank you for the unforgettable experience.

Quotation marks

João Andrade

The archviz render you created brought my architectural project to life in a way I could never have imagined. Your work has elevated my project to a whole new level. Thank you for exceeding my highest expectations.

Quotation marks

The Johnson's

Your exceptional interior architecture design has transformed our living space into a harmonious sanctuary that perfectly reflects our style and personality as a couple.

Thank's for making our home a true reflection of who we are.


Versatile Artistic Visionary and Storyteller: Uniting Art, Architecture, Digital Tools and Sustainable Design.

Experienced Senior Technician in Architecture and Architectural Visualization with a decade-long expertise, collaborating with architecture studios and public/private entities since 2015, specializing in Regenerative Design and creating a harmonious connection between humans, urban environments, and landscapes.

Driven by a profound love for creating, believing in the power of sketches as an essential part of the design process, serving as a gateway to exploration and allow ideas to take shape, breathing life into concepts.

Exploring AI for conceptual projects.

AI 3D Self Portrait.


  • Winner in 2022 in the urban furniture category, as part of the "Rebuild 17 Project, EEA Grants Portugal," with the project "Aviam Scam," featuring aesthetically pleasing, functional, and distinctive design, manufactured through 3D printing.
  • Honorable Mention in 2022 in the coatings and surfaces category, as part of the "Rebuild 17 Project, EEA Grants Portugal," with the "nine" collection, designed using 3D rendering software.
  • Artistic Merit Certificate at the Luxembourg Art Prize 2022, with the artwork titled "Azorean Inspiration," a digital painting on canvas created using digital tools.

Unveil Your Vision, Unleash My Creativity!

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